Students, parents, or teachers looking for prose works to be used in forensics competitions or dramatic performances or to read aloud in class may be interested in the following selections, which are available online to be read for FREE.

Prose pieces eligible by National Forensics League Rules*

  • Station 352A
    Originally published in Up, Do: Flash Fiction by Women Writers
    ~4min, sci-fi, 1st person female narrator (a fueling station attendant)
  • Time Travelers Anonymous
    Originally published at The Overcast, 2015, reprinted at Digital Fiction Publishing, 2016
    ~4min, humorous time travel sci-fi, 3rd person (voices: male and female time travelers)

Additional Prose pieces also eligible by National Catholic Forensics League Rules**

  • The Ashes With Which We Paint You
    Originally published at Zetetic Record, 2016
    ~3min, apocalyptic sci-fi, 1st person narrator (elephant)
  • Charybdis
    Originally published at Grievous Angel, 2016
    ~2min, humorous fantasy, 1st person female narrator (a sea monster)
  • Dr. Optera’s Intelligent Bugs
    Originally published at Acidic Fiction, 2015
    ~7min, humorous sci-fi/horror, 3rd person (voices: male scientist, female scientist, insects)
  • The Girl in the Windmill
    Originally published at Enchanted Spark, 2014
    ~8min, fairy tale, 3rd person (voices: young Dutch woman, grandfather, two Italian princes)
  • The Haven City Incident
    Originally published at Acidic Fiction, 2014
    ~7min, post-apocalyptic sci-fi/horror, 3rd person (voices: female teenager, two male teenagers, small boy)
  • Mysteries of the Universe
    Originally published at Enchanted Spark, 2013
    ~9min, contemporary time travel sci-fi, 3rd person (voices: male teenager, older brother)
  • Neptune’s Reward
    Originally published at Enchanted Spark, 2013
    ~10min, steampunk story, 3rd person (voices: male steamboat captain, Greek god Neptune)
  • Rain Like Diamonds
    Originally published at Daily Science Fiction, 2015
    ~5min, medieval fantasy, 3rd person (voices: queen, angry villagers, small boy)
  • Sardines in a Tin Can
    Originally published at Daily Science Fiction, 2014
    ~6min, sci-fi, 1st person narrator of unspecified gender
  • The Shape-Shifter’s Mother
    Originally published at Daily Science Fiction, 2016
    ~5min, magic realism, 3rd person (voices: mother of a small boy)
  • A Song to Charm the Beasts
    Originally published at Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, 2017
    ~5min, lyrical “weird west” fantasy, 3rd person (voices: female fiddler, mysterious male)
  • The Tea-Space Continuum
    Originally published at AE, 2015
    ~7min, humorous contemporary time travel sci-fi, 3rd person (voices: female professor, various colleagues and students)

If you use one of my pieces in a forensics competition, I’d love to know!


*available in print. If you need the proof of print publication, please e-mail me at wendynikel AT, and I can send you a scan.
**anything eligible under the National Forensics League would also qualify


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