Haven City Incident

1700-word post-apocalyptic story
Kora leads a small band of survivors as they try to evade the strange creatures of light that decimated their city.

Available to read FREE online at:

acidicAcidic Fiction
Published Sept 24, 2014


Tripping through the pitch-black, it took the small band of survivors hours to reach their destination. When they arrived, Kora put out her arm to stop Lex from running into her. He grunted as her hand jabbed into his belly. Tyrone punched him and raised an index finger to his lips.

Maybe Kora should have apologized, but she didn’t, not tonight. Tonight they’d search the factory and maybe eat some decent protein, even if it was in the form of coagulated meat which, before The Incident, she would have never touched.

“There it is,” she whispered, pointing up at the factory.

She wished that the blue and yellow trademark weren’t quite so apparent in the moonlight. It was a forty-foot-long declaration to any other survivors that there might be food within, and Kora preferred not to have to fight anyone for it. Tyrone was big and could hold his own, but aside from him, their group was better suited to duking it out in a video game than real life. Uri tapped her shoulder. His face was pale, and it looked as though he might start crying.

“What?” Kora hissed. He pointed, and her gaze followed his all the way across the river. There were Lights.


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