Life After Download

1600-word sci-fi story
When technology allows the bereaved to keep their loved ones’ consciousness “alive” in metal boxes, three friends struggle with the complications this “miracle” provides.

Available for purchase in:


Third Flatiron’s summer 2015 anthology

Available formats: PAPERBACK & EBOOK (Kindle)


“Sorry to hear about your mom.”

Jillian looked up from her coffee, startled. She had momentarily forgotten where she was. “Oh. Yeah…thanks, Bea. It was a long struggle for her, but I think… I think things will be better now.”

“Have you decided…?” Bea and Holly exchanged a glance. Jillian knew what they meant. After decades of friendship, words become less necessary.

“I was hoping you guys might help me out. Mom wasn’t specific in her will. I don’t think she’d honestly put much thought into dying. She was always so healthy, you know?”

Her friends nodded somberly, and Holly reached over to pat her hand.

“Look, it’s a tough decision for anyone,” Holly said. “Especially when you’re dealing with the emotional trauma that comes with someone’s passing. Ultimately, though, it’s up to you, hon.”

“I just thought maybe…” Jillian said. “You guys have both had deaths in your families recently, so I thought you might be able to give me some advice. I mean, the whole thing still kind of creeps me out.”

The women chuckled, each staring into her own coffee mug.

“It kind of creeps me out, too,” Bea said. “But, you know… when you love someone you have to consider what’s best for them.”


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