Station 352A

1000-word flash sci-fi
A woman working at a refueling station in deep space deals with the frustrations and monotony of her job.

Available for purchase in:

Up Do Flash Fiction by Women WritersUP, DO: FLASH FICTION BY WOMEN WRITERS anthology
by Spider Road Press
Published Feb 2014
Available formats: PAPERBACK or KINDLE

Available to read FREE online at:

Station 352A

Evil Girlfriend Media’s EGM Shorts
September 24, 2015


Seventeen space-kliks out, a light blinked over a battered sign.  “Danger: Asteroids.”  Beneath it, as an afterthought, was another sign: “Refueling Station Ahead.”

On a clear day, when the asteroids were off bothering someone else and Station 352A’s water system hadn’t fogged up the windows, I could watch it.

On.  Off.  On.  Off.

I’d stare at it for hours.  It was usually more interesting than the single vid station I could get out here.  Not much else a girl could do so far out in no-man’s land. Some days, another light would brighten my sky.  A spaceship.  As soon as I’d spot it, I’d stream around the refueling station, wiping glass and straightening freeze-dried snacks on the displays, as if I hadn’t done the same thing each morning since I’d taken up my post here.
Today’s ship was a sleek, military two-seater, pockmarked with dents.  Good news and bad news.  Dents meant that its pilot might actually get out and chat while the station’s droid repaired the ship.  However, such a fancy craft probably carried an officer, and they tended to be wound too tightly for jawwing with a lowly refuel stationer, especially right after being pummeled by asteroids.

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