2000-word steampunk adventure
Amy Airlung, a young member of an airship crew, faces off against the mythical warship, the Firebringer

Available for purchase in:

RefractionsREFRACTIONS vol 1 journal for teen readers published in January 2015 by Golden Fleece Press

Available formats: PAPERBACK & EBOOK (PDF)


They called it the Firebringer, that soot-black ship that some say was crafted by Hephaestus himself. It rode the airwaves like the sea voyageurs of old, gliding up and down along the top edges of the clouds, with its sails billowing like the puffed-up cheeks of Old Man Winter. It was a ghost ship of the most superstitious kind—the kind that meant death for anyone who laid eyes on it.

Amy Airlung first heard about the Firebringer from the weathered book of airship tales that Captain Perkins kept in the library for the passengers’ amusement. Though most of them were tall tales, stories for children much younger than sixteen-year-old Amy, she devoured them eagerly at every opportunity. Besides the legend of the Firebringer, there were tales of Steelhand the Cyborg who wreaked havoc on the skies of the Southern Hemisphere, Captain Neono who was the first to construct an airship that could also float on water, and the fierce Captain Juliet Silver, the most fearsome female airpilot in history.

“Someday my name will be the thing of legends, too,” Amy Airlung told Jacob one day when he caught her curled up in the library, reading of these heros. Amy and Jacob were both runaways from their broken homes, hired on by Captain Perkins at the same port, and thus they’d begun their rivalry that had at some point, despite their intentions, had evolved into a friendship. “I’ll be the best airship pilot in the world and fly the fastest and strongest ship, and maybe, just maybe I’ll let you fly with me as my second-in-command.”


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