Good to the Last Drop

2600-word post-apocalyptic satire
When the world’s supply of coffee is destroyed, the remaining beans become a precious commodity and everyone must deal with the dire consequences.

Available for purchase in:


Third Flatiron spring 2015 anthology

Available formats: PAPERBACK & EBOOK (Kindle)


The exchange took place in a dark alley.

The woman watched from the tinted windows of her stretch limousine, licking her lips involuntarily as the package passed from the hands of the dealer to those of her driver. Once it was in his possession, he walked backwards to the limo, in case the man might try something underhanded. The woman willed her driver to walk faster, impatience tugging at her. She’d waited long enough already, bribing and blackmailing and spending a fortune, all to get her hands on that package. Her mouth watered just thinking of it.

She didn’t even make it home before prying open the package with carefully manicured nails. The instant the vacuum seal released, the stretch limousine was filled with the heady, earthy flavor that no one had smelled in nearly six months. The woman breathed in deeply, wondering at the way that even the scent made her feel more awake, more alert, more alive, in a way that synthetic stuff they tried to replace it with never could. Then she carefully resealed the package and tucked it away in her handbag. She clutched it close to her, fighting the urge to bury her nose in it so that she could once again experience the delightful pleasure of the world’s last bag of coffee.


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