Mysteries of the Universe

2400-word time travel story
After his older brother’s death, Jeremy receives a message from him, leading him to believe that he might have discovered the secret of time travel.

Available to read FREE online at:
 Inspiration27-1024x682Enchanted Spark Photo Flare contest winner
Published online Jun 2013



The stars and stripes fluttered proudly in their patriotic vigor, but Jeremy Richardson felt rather less enthusiastic.  What had this supposedly great nation given him, after all, besides pain and sorrow?  It seemed to the lanky seventeen-year-old that it had taken far more than it had given.

“Jeremy?” his mother leaned in and whispered through her black veil.  “Are you okay?”

Okay?  How could anything possibly be okay?  Michael was gone.  He’d never have a big brother again.  Ever.  All because
Michael had felt some noble urge to go serve his country, leaving him here, alone, in nowheresville, empty-handed and solely responsible for his frail and sickly, mother.  Not to mention the mortgage.

“I’m fine, mom.”  What a lie…


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