Neptune’s Reward

2800-word steampunk
When steamship captain Luis falls upon hard times, he agrees to help the god Neptune retrieve an object from the underwater city of Atlantis.

Available to read FREE online at:

430_seahorseEnchanted Spark Photo Flare contest winner
Published online Oct 2013



The steamship rattled into the harbor, spewing smoke and gasping its last breath.  Luis gripped the handrail and leaned overboard, assessing the damage of the last night’s storm.  He cursed under his breath as he watched the wheel shudder to a stop.  At least they’d made it back to the harbor; last night he hadn’t been sure that was possible.

He spent the next hours unloading the cargo — or what was left of it — onto the steam carriages that would take it to its final destinations.  With each water-damaged crate, Luis fell deeper into despair.  He’d hardly had enough to keep the Marie-Louise afloat as it was.  With the costs of repairs, he ought to just call it quits.

“Tough Luck, eh?”


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